Roar! Kim Kardashian Celebrates Son Saint's 4th Birthday with Elaborate Dinosaur-Themed Bash

A prehistoric bash!

On Saturday, Kim Kardashian West and her family celebrated son Saint‘s fourth birthday with an epic dinosaur-themed bash. Saint, who is the oldest son of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, 39, and Kanye West, turned 4 on Thursday.

In addition to the rest of the reality star’s children — daughters Chicago, 22 months, and North, 6, as well as son Psalm, 5 months — the party was also attended by Khloé Kardashian and her daughter True, who was filmed jumping along with her cousins in a large bouncy house in a sweet Instagram Story video shared by the Revenge Body host.

Kardashian West also shared several snaps of her children playing together at the party — including one video that showed the birthday boy wearing a festive dinosaur mask.

“Look at Saint as the dinosaur,” the proud mama called out, before telling Chicago, who began to move away, “Don’t be scared. It’s just your brother with a mask.”

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Chicago and Saint West

Prior to the big party, Kardashian West gave her followers a peak into the extravagant affair on her Instagram Story, documenting the set-up, as well as the bright, candy-colored birthday cake, in a series of videos.

“Look guys! Saint’s dinosaur party is today,” the mother of four said. “How cute is everything? We are still setting up.”

All of the party treats were decorated with little dinosaur claws or eggs, and guests could stop to get “Raptor Juice” after walking through the “dinosaur cave.” There was also a dinosaur ball pit for children to play in as well as multiple DIY craft stations, including a “Jurassic Jewelry” stop, as well as “Dino Domes,” where children could make their own dinosaur habitats.

The party also had a large dig site “where we are all going to hunt for fossils, and you have to put on all your gear,” Kardashian West explained.

“I bet we’re gonna have fun,” she said to Saint, who pointed out a fossil he had found.

On Thursday, the proud mother shared a sweet tribute to her oldest son on Instagram in honor of his birthday.

“I have no words to describe how much I love your smile and those curls of yours Saint!” she gushed in the heartfelt post.

“You bring so much joy into my soul. You are so kind, loving and just so thoughtful and sweet!” she praised her second-oldest child. “I am so happy today if your 4th birthday and We get to celebrate how much you’ve grown!”

“Happy birthday my sweet sweet Sainty,” Kardashian West added, concluding with an adorable anecdote: “(When I say to him my sweet sweet Sainty, he says back to me my sweet sweet sweet sweet Momma, the best momma in the world and the only momma I ever want! HOW CAN YOU NOT MELT AT HIS SWEETNESS).”

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3 winter activities that help kids learn better

A stint of volunteering activity, be it at a local NGO involved with food distribution, or even volunteering at one's parents' workplace, is the kind of experience that will keep kids engaged.

By Kartik Bajoria

Large parts of India are experiencing the onset of the winter season. Everyone is busy bringing out their warm clothes and woollens from storage, drying them, dry-cleaning them, readying them for the decreased temperatures to come. Generally speaking, there is a lot of fun to be had in the winter. People love to cosy up with family in the warm confines of a heated room and play games, read, spend time together. It is also a wonderful time for food and fashion lovers.

But what about kids? Are there activities that parents and caregivers can make kids do, specifically in the winter time, that directly or indirectly develop their minds, brains and stimulate their intellect? Of course, there are. And all of them take their cues from nature itself! Let us look at some of the interesting, educational, activities that we can make our children indulge in through the winter, and the benefits associated with each of them.

Soup kitchen

Winter is an absolutely bountiful time for local fresh produce. One gets the most nutritious and yummy vegetables during this season. Why not make a family activity of cooking using this great produce? In fact, a trip to the local market will teach kids a lot. It will be like a field trip where they will be able to touch, feel, smell, enquire about prices, and help handpick and buy vegetables. This will teach them infinitely more hands-on, as compared to their parents buying/ordering the same vegetables at a supermarket or using a mobile app. Second, they will be able to curate the buying experience depending on what recipes they have searched, either by themselves, or along with their parents. This also will teach them teamwork, to take a group’s preferences into account, and then buy as per a list, yet another great habit to imbibe.

The actual cooking process at home will entail many kinesthetic skills being used and developed, brain development from all the knowledge they will gain by discussing nutritional and other values related to the produce. All this while indulging in what will be perceived as an extremely fun family-activity – it will yield the sweetest reward in terms of a hot, healthy, tasty, home-cooked meal that would have, in its making, tested and flexed the kids’ intellect.

Get out and explore

The winter weather affords us infinitely greater possibilities to be out and about. Across several parts of India where the summer is harsh, it is simply impossible to be out and about, with most people preferring to stay indoors. The winter is a time for the great outdoors. It is not even necessary for it to be some elaborate vacation, holiday, trek or expedition, because chances are that most of us will have enough and more to explore and discover within and around our town and cities. Taking the kids to the park, for instance, and curate an experience where they and you, together spot and chronicle the flora and fauna, can itself become an experience that is both fun, and primes the mind to stay alert, active, learn, and prep to learn more in the future.

Similarly, most cities in India have an older, more historic part of town that one hardly ever goes to. In my case for example, Jaipur’s old city, the parts where the buildings are actually pink in colour; it is a veritable playground to explore art, culture, history, facts, and interesting anecdotal knowledge through the ancient architecture, temples, shops, even the people. All one needs to do is get out early in the morning, and walk through the various lanes for an entire day! An absolutely fantastic family-activity that will exercise mind and body, and also make for a super-fun experience.


Winter, particularly for slightly older children, is also a great time to get some volunteer work. A stint of volunteering activity, be it at a local NGO (non-government organisation) involved with food distribution, or even volunteering at one’s parents’ workplace, is the kind of experience that will keep kids engaged, busy, and constantly learning and exercising their minds, preventing brain-drain.

The benefits of this type of activity, once again, are manifold. First, it teaches children time-management, because they have to successfully juggle their school, leisure, non-academic pursuits, and volunteer work, simultaneously. Second, the exposure to most any kind of social-volunteer work will sensitise children positively and make them more aware and awakened citizens. Third, their minds will be positively and constructively occupied with the tasks at hand. And, if chosen correctly, these volunteering stints can also be immersive and fun pursuits.

Each season presents challenges. At the same time, each season also offers unique chances and ways in which to engage children meaningfully, so that parents may curate a roster of activities that strike the right balance between fun and learning. Winter is no different. It is upon us, and we must dive right in.

(Kartik Bajoria is a writer, educator and moderator.)

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